Socialists warn against "absolute folly"

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Flemish socialist leader Caroline Gennez unhappy about "limited social economic and state reform programme".

 December 2007

Speculation about an emergency government was dashed today after the Flemish socialist party objected to such a construction that would involve drawing up a limited social economic and state reform programme.

Flemish socialist leader Caroline Gennez said the idea was "absolute folly".

The Flemish socialists form part of the outgoing administration of Premier Guy Verhofstadt (Flemish liberal).

Ms Gennez (photo) backed the idea of giving the outgoing administration extra powers to address pressing issues like next year's budget or government appointments.

 Ms Gennez insisted that matters like these could be discussed because she didn't want the chaos to reign in the country. Can Belgium manage nationality unity?

The Francophone socialists, who also form part of the outgoing administration, are backing the idea of a government of national unity that would include all "democratic" parties.

Francophone socialist leader Elio Di Rupo (photo) insisted that a centre-right administration was no longer on the cards as a result of internal wrangling.

Mr Di Rupo wants the national unity government to serve a full 4 year term.

Discussions about state reforms should lead to a new balance that could be preserved for the next 30 or 40 years.

Mr Di Rupo insisted discussions should not be jeopardised by diktats and that the country's new balance should benefit all the country's regions.

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