Smog alert: drive slower!

21st December 2007, Comments 0 comments

Smog alert: police are controlling lower speed limits very strictly

21 December 2007 - A temporary speed restriction of 90km/h has been imposed on stretches of motorway across Belgium in an effort to reduce emissions of particulate matter. The recent spell of cold and dry weather means that levels of particulate matter are predicted to shoot up during the next couple of days.
The 90km/h speed limit is in effect from 6am on Thursday and will be enforced on certain stretches of ring roads and motorways.
he restrictions will remain until at least Friday evening.

Electronic signs above the road will warn drivers of the speed restrictions as will roadside smog warning signs.

Diesel engines are one of the primary causes of particulate matter emissions.

Vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and heart patients have been advised not to engage in strenuous exercise while the concentrations of particulate matter remain high.

The population as a whole has been warned to avoid sustained physical exercise such as jogging.


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