Republicans for Kerry

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Our recent article on a prominent Belgium-based Republican who has decided to vote Democrat in this year's US elections sent Expatica readers rushing to their keyboards.

Re: The Conscience Vote

Dear Editor,

I would like to address the remarks of Stephen O'Connor "If De Fouloy is voting for Kerry, he never was a Republican in the first place."

1. When I volunteered my time, efforts and money as Chairman RA/B, no one questioned whether or not I was a real Republican.

2. I served as Chairman RA/B for two years during a most difficult and tense period (September 11, war in Afghanistan and war in Iraq). During the war in Iraq and the immediate post-war period, I participated (all alone) in numerous TV programs with Belgian Ministers and Political Party Leaders. I took a lot a bruises and insults and yet I stood firm for the Bush administration. No one questioned my loyalty at that time.

3. When I was leading efforts to raise and give money in 2000 to the GOP, no one thought I was really a Democrat in disguise.

Yes, Mr O'Connor I'm a Republican! A Republican who believes in community, compassion, pragmatism, common sense, political-fellowship and most, importantly intellectual honesty.

Moderate Republicans are loyal to serving the greater good - not an entrenched party leadership.

If you don't accept that Moderate Republicanism is a legitimate, long-established Lincolnian ideology, then for certain Mr O'Connor you have never understood yourself the clarity of Republicanism.

Christian D. de Fouloy


Re: The Conscience Vote

Dear Editor,

DeFouloy claims Bush is a deliberate liar, bent on, it seems, evil nasty manipulation and war mongering.

This is not true nor provable and truly explains to me Defouloy's weak attempt to claim being a past Republican more than anything else.

Weak is the operative word here because it's obvious he can't present a cogent argument to his arrogant class-ridden European dinner party circuit.

His claims on compassionate moderate Republicanism (whatever that means) ignores the reality of the Europe he lives in. He is full of wishful thinking and hindsight while ignoring that the US no longer has real allies.

This is due to the fact that most European countries are failed socialist states with very little growth and very little real opportunity for most of their citizens. (i.e. see the Time Magazine cover story from December which documents the +100,000 jobs lost (a real brain-drain if you will) of most of Europe's top scientists - all moving to America over the last 2  years like its 1919!)

Socialist, tax ridden, France, Germany, Belgium etc..envy the US for its success and often now wish the worst on it.

The Euro elite have badly mismanaged countries, wholly inefficient energy industries and very corrupt central governments. (not to mention the racism, high crime rates and low levels of university attendance compared to US high school grads - sounds like Jimmy Carter's America - AND it is!)

Europe's modus-operandi now is to always portray America (with total buy-in from their state subsidised former school classmates in the media) as worse than "here" for fear that their populations might require more from them, - or God forbid - shift towards a republican mindset of governing (meaning a direct democracy with real accountability).

Speaking of God, they don't even want him/her mentioned anymore!

Defouloy has gone completely native (or never stopped I submit) and is obviously a complete apologist for the Europe that wants to tie Americas hands at every turn (ie. the so called Kyoto "agreement"). Plus they always want more cash from us too.

Bush is not the problem, the Brussels-Centric Non-Transparent EU and the UN are the real problems - both of which, for example, give millions of their citizens Euros to the terrorist Arafat every month - who in turn deposits ALL of it in Swiss Bank accounts..and no one says anything??

As America tries to introduce democracy to the middle-east in a sea of dictatorships and as Libya coughs up their WMD, Europeans sing the same tired tune they did when Reagan (the other republican liar "dunce") and Thatcher were saving the world from economic crisis and at the same time were saving Europeans from another dictatorship … sound familiar?

My advice: Defouloy and his ilk need longer vision and to close their ears to the leftists, socialists, and defeatists in the US Democratic party along with most of their power hungry brethren in Europe who hate, hate, hate America.

They especially hate (read scared of) the Republican philosophy that so directly threatens their status-quo "power structure of the few" across this continent.

But most Europeans like Defouloy can't relate because this stems from not having direct experience in building a business and meeting a payroll in Europe. My guess is Defouly's life long work is grounded in academia, human resources, or "consulting". Meanwhile most Americans now are employed by small and medium sized businesses or have started their own.

Europe is a totally different place and Bush is their scapegoat – just as Israel is the Arab dictatorships'.

Stephen O'Connor
Budapest Business Journal
Chairman RA Hungary


Re: The Conscience Vote

Dear Editor,

The other side of the coin are people like me (die-hard, lifelong Democrats) who now choose to vote Republican and re-elect President Bush.

This is one Democrat currently living in Belgium whose conscience will be ok with a Bush vote.

Evidently Mr De Fouloy has been reading too much into the Democratic propaganda machine out there.

I find it very strange that the Europeans take polls on who they think should be elected as the next US President. I doubt if any Americans (except Washington politicians) care about the political campaigns in foreign countries.

It's interesting that when we meet someone here who is Flemish, they think Kerry should be elected.

Then my husband, a retired Flemish politician who lived in the states for 2 years, explains to them why it is so important that Bush be re-elected and he also explains Kerry in a different, more honest way than he is portrayed in the media here.

Everything on the TV news and newspapers here is pro-Kerry, anti-Bush. These people then look amazed to find out all the little things that are never presented to them via the media, in other words...the truth.

Molly Laheye


Re: The Conscience Vote

Dear Editor,

No wonder he is the ex-Republican expat leader of the party.

His comments are the most stupid I've ever heard.

The real reason the USA and its allies are in Iraq was certainly not for oil.

That idea can be attributed to the French, who were against the US initiative because of their underhanded dealing with Saddam (100M$+), which was shattered by the coalition's action.

The media will continue to dig themselves a very deep hole and most certainly will end up in it up to their ears.

Pierre Hardy


Re: The Conscience Vote

Dear Editor,

Thank you for an article on a fascinating and powerful new phenomenon - Republicans for Kerry.

It is unfortunate that your reporter, Renee Cordes, chooses to open her article with the extended and irrelevant tale of an insignificant internal squabble within Republicans Abroad.

It belittles the powerful political statement being made by Christian de Fouloy and suggests his motivation is petty and vengeful.

To the contrary, Republicans abroad and at home are slowly awakening to the realization that George W Bush is an incompetent leader making America and the world less, not more, safe.

Robert Checkoway
Chair, Democrats Abroad Netherlands


Re: Food scare hits Belgian supermarkets

Dear Editor

Concerning your article on, "Food scare hits Belgian supermarkets," you should have included the astronomical increase in food products at supermarkets in Belgium.

First we had the introduction of the Euro which increased our food prices, then the Iraqi war increased the prices.

What are the next excuses for increases the prices to the consumer? This has increased to an extra 5% each week in Colruypt and other shops.

The consumer has to pay for the weekly increases and in Holland it's a lot cheaper than shopping in Belgium.

Perhaps everybody in Belgium should go and shop in Holland and that would make the Belgian supermarkets think twice about adding extra costs.

Our unemployment benefits have not gone up in line with the cost of living.

Everything just keeps getting more expensive and when you do work you are so highly taxed that you can't afford the basic things in life.

As it stands a lot of people are on the poverty line.

That's not nice, is it?

Kim Seela


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