One in three Belgian families is non-traditional

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One in three families does not include a father, a mother and their children, reveals survey.

17 September 2008

BRUSSLES – One in three families with children does not follow the traditional model, reveals a survey carried out by insurance company Delta Lloyd Life.

The insurance company defines traditional model family to include a father, a mother and their children.

Two out of three families are made up of a father and mother who are married or live together and their children. The other third of the Belgian families is single-parent families or newly composed families.

Especially for the young families (one or both parents younger than 30), the traditional family is not evident. Half of these families consist of single-parent families (35 percent) or a newly composed family (12 percent).

For the group of Belgians between the ages of 50 and 65, one in three Belgian has been divorced at least once. One fifth of all parents has children by different partners.

How happy or contented are people?
The survey also polls the level of satisfaction/happiness of all the family members. People living in a traditional family are happier: 75 percent describe themselves as contented. For newly composed families, 67 percent say they are contented; only 51 percent of single-parent families say they are contended.

The problems that the non-traditional families face are diverse. For the newly composed families most of the complaints concern food or not keeping to agreements.

Single-parent families often face financial problems: 30 percent of parents are unemployed and only 50 percent are able to buy their own home.

New forms of families are gaining ground
The non-traditional family forms are gaining ground and are now more accepted in society now than they used to be.

Three quarters of those surveyed accept marriages between homosexuals. Half find it ok for two men or two women to raise a family together. There is less acceptance of single-parent families.

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