Nys again- victory is so sweet!

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Nicknamed the 'Cannibal of Baal', Sven Nys devours his competition on home turf

3 January 2008 - Sven Nys left all the competition biting the dust in the Grand Prix on his home turf of Baal in Antwerp. Nys was in the lead from start to finish, reinforcing his overall lead in the Cyclocross Gazette van Antwerpen Trophy.

After a few bends, the 'Cannibal of Baal' showed that he meant business. He took a lead of a couple of metres and the others could only stare at his back the rest of the race. In the first rounds Richard Groenendaal and Lars Boom (both of the Netherlands) tried their best to put up a fight.

But Nys was too strong for them and pulled away further. Groenendaal and Boom had to compete with Bart Aernouts (Belgium), Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic) and Kevin Pauwels for the other places on the podium.

In the final phase Stybar sprinted ahead of his team-mate Kevin Pauwels to take a second place.

Pauwels was third, Boom fourth.

Boom leapfrogs Belgium's Bart Wellens for a second place in the overall standings. Wellens was not in the race- he called in sick.

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