Nearly 3,000 march in Brussels for Catalonia's independence

7th March 2009, Comments 1 comment

Some 2,900 supporters of independence for the Spanish region of Catalonia marched through Brussels on Saturday to draw international attention to their cause, police said.

BRUSSELS - While most the marchers were from the northeastern Spanish region, the demonstration also drew supporters of independence movements elsewhere in Europe such as Spain's Basque region, Venice, Corsica and Scotland.

Some marchers bore signs saying "Catalonia, the next state in Europe" or "Catalonia is not Spain" while one said: "Freedom cannot be stopped: 1944 Iceland, 1990 Lithuania, 2006 Montenegro, 2008 Kosovo, 2014 Catalonia".

A police spokesman said that the demonstrators marched from the Brussels North train station to the Brussels South station without any particular incidents.

Catalonia's independence movement seeks a state running from the French border to the coastal city of Valencia, and including the Balearic Islands as well as the wealthy and populous region's main city of Barcelona.

AFP / Expatica

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  • Godilhaire posted:

    on 13th March 2009, 08:47:37 - Reply

    C'est assez extra-ordinaire de penser que l'expression politique différente d'un légitimisme d'État soit systématiquement considérée comme potentiellement violent.
    Es-ce le point de vue de l'AFP ? En classant directement une défense d'une nation européenne dnas le camp de la violence, l'AFP a un point de vue politique. Ce n'est pas normal.