La Boulangerie? Go straight for 400km, then left at the traffic lights

23rd July 2009, Comments 1 comment

A confused Belgian pensioner went the long way round for his daily bread.

A Belgian man who got in his car to buy bread rolls from the nearest baker got lost and found himself 400km from his starting point.

The confused pensioner cruised Belgian and German roads for hours before other drivers alerted the emergency services, who found him in a lay-by wearing his slippers. 

The man's daughter said that her father often got lost on the roads, but had never ventured as far as this. 

source: Le Soir

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  • Steve Hamilton posted:

    on 24th July 2009, 09:18:45 - Reply

    My father in the UK started to do the same thing. He drove to Brighton from Hertfordshire also looking for the bread shop. The police found him after we reported him missing after one hour when he didnt return. This was the first sign of dementia and perhaps you should have your father checked out.