Joe's 'killer' in Poland, co-suspect held

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25 April 2006 (first update), BRUSSELS — The male fugitive who stabbed Joe Van Holesbeeck in Brussels Central station on 12 April has probably fled to Poland, justice authorities said on Tuesday.

25 April 2006 (first update)

BRUSSELS — The male fugitive who stabbed Joe Van Holesbeeck in Brussels Central station on 12 April has probably fled to Poland, justice authorities said on Tuesday.

The revelation comes after police arrested in Brussels on Monday the co-accused youth, identified as a 16-year-old male of Polish ancestry.

The arrested suspect — who was clothed in a Nike training jacket on the day of the murder — has confessed his role in the murder during police questioning on Tuesday.

He did not actually commit the stabbing, but was being questioned further on Tuesday in a video-taped interrogation by the investigating judge.

The youth will probably be remanded in custody by a juvenile court judge. But given the seriousness of the crime, it is possible that he will be tried as an adult.

A prosecution spokesman said it is not certain though he will be tried as an adult. This is dependent on elements whether he knew the main suspect was carrying a knife and whether authorities can prove that.
Belgian justice authorities said the main suspect, also a Polish national, has probably fled to Poland.

His co-accused told police the first name and mobile phone number of the main suspect, who committed the actual stabbing.

The mobile phone has reportedly been traced to Poland, but authorities have refused to confirm reports.

However, police do not have the full identity of the main suspect. His co-accused claims he only knew the killer's first name.

Police are also uncertain whereabouts in Poland the main suspect is and whether he is a minor or adult.

However, police remain optimistic they will arrest the suspect.

The breakthrough in the case came after the head teachers at 30 Brussels schools were shown the footage of the suspects recorded by surveillance cameras in the pre-metro station Beurs.

The footage showed clearly how the co-accused pulled on another jumper and a director of a school in Anderlecht recognised the suspect as one of his students.

Police arrested the 16-year-old at his home. He later confessed and gave information to police about his companion.

The youth and his family were living illegally in Belgium, but he was nevertheless enrolled at a Brussels school.

"The second young man had no permanent address in Belgium and only temporarily in our country. Maybe he was on holiday," a prosecution spokesman said.
The parents of the suspect are said to have been aware of the murder, but did not turn their son into police.

The public prosecution said they could be at least held civilly responsible for the crime, but refused to confirm whether they could or will be prosecuted for failing to contact police.
Meanwhile, a description and video footage of the main suspect has been distributed internationally via Interpol and Polish authorities were to be informed later on Tuesday.

Belgian authorities were to release new video footage of the suspects on Tuesday, but this will probably not occur given the new developments in investigations. The new footage was taken in the pre-metro station Beurs.

All other footage that was previously made public in a bid to arrest the suspects may no longer be shown publicly because one of the suspects has been confirmed as a minor. If the images are published, the faces of the suspects must be obscured.

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