"It's a childhood dream come true"

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Tom De Sutter is leaving Cercle Brugge for Anderlecht.

22 October 2008

Tom De Sutter is leaving Cercle Brugge for Anderlecht. The Belgian striker will make the move to the capital during the winter transfer window and has signed a contract until 2013. "This is a chance to prove myself at a higher level."

Tom De Sutter (23) was one of the revelations of Cercle Brugge last season, when the modest West-Flemings almost made the UEFA Cup.

His good performances earned him a place in the national squad as well. De Sutter thus became one of the few Belgian-born top strikers in the Belgian league, making him an interesting prey for traditional Belgian top clubs like Anderlecht.

There have been rumours of De Sutter moving to Anderlecht for quite some time. The striker had told the press that he used to go to Anderlecht to support the team when he was a child, and that he still likes the club a lot.

"Our policy is to offer players new chances"

Tom De Sutter beamed at today's press conference: "I want to prove myself at Anderlecht. It's a step forward in my career and a childhood dream come true."

Cercle Brugge president Frans Schotte told reporters that the club does not intend to make life difficult for its top player.

"Our policy is to offer players the chance to move up the ladder. This is a good example of that.", Mr Schotte said. "We're happy that the decision has come now. This gives us the chance to look for a replacement."

De Sutter wil move to Anderlecht on 1 January. Anderlecht's first league match, on 17 January, is.. away at Cercle Brugge.

Coach asked to "put an end to rumours"

The move could have been completed last summer, but De Sutter sustained a serious knee injury and was out injured for six months.

Rumours continued though, with Cercle Brugge coach Glen De Boeck demanding De Sutter to put an end to them and to announce his decision.

As Anderlecht are not doing well and need someone extra to help the team out, the transfer does not come as a surprise.


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