"Internet and digital TV in Belgium too expensive"

28th October 2009, Comments 1 comment

Belgian customers are paying too much for their internet and digital TV connections, according to a study by the consumer rights organisation Test-Aankoop.

According to Test-Aankoop, Belgians pay 44 euros on average for their internet connection each month. The European average is only 37 euros.

Test-Aankoop also says that the internet providers Belgacom and Telenet both keep the prices artificially high. The pair have a 90 percent share of the Belgian market and "abuse their strong position", Test-Aankoop claims.

Belgacom has said that the findings of Test-Aankoop are not correct. The Belgian telecom giant claims that the average price of 44 euros as calculated by Test-Aankoop is wrong. "Our most expensive rate is 41 euros, our budget rate is 20 euros. On average, we offer rates of 33 euros", said Jan Margot of Belgacom.


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  • Matt posted:

    on 28th October 2009, 16:38:01 - Reply

    It hurts to defend Belgacom, but he seems to be right. I'd also be wary of pushing them too hard or you'll end up like the UK where it seems to be cheap and it looks like you get 10Mbits but in reality you're lucky to get 1!

    BTW it might help if you called them Test-Achats as most ex-pats tend to use the French names.