'International Montessori’ will be housed in a historic rectangular farm

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Slideshow/Information session on February 14, at International Montessori ‘Savoorke’, Bergestraat 24, 3080 Tervuren. 19.30 p.m.

We are very pleased to announce that the 5th location of ‘International Montessori’ will be housed in a historic rectangular farm situated opposite the European School in Woluwe.

Celebrating past – present and future is very appropriate there, since the children will go to school in a building dated back to 1651. The school will initially cater to children aged 2 to 9 years old, with plenty of room to grow!

Living History:

‘Hof Kleinenberg’ is the original name indicating that it is situated on a small hill. It is one of the very few historic farms left in the city of Brussels and is therefore a registered monument. The building is currently under renovation and will keep its historic features. Part 2 and 3 are cleaned up only and Part 1 will be completely renovated and will house the classrooms from September onwards.

The rectangular farm consist of the following 3 parts:

1)      ‘Cornelis Estate’; Previously used as Living quarters, cow-house  and storage areas
2)      The 10% Barn which was used to gather the harvest
3)      Coach building and stables

Kleinenberg straat is a small one-way cobblestone street running parallel to the Woluwe laan. For those who know the European School in Woluwe, we are situated diagonally opposite the entrance of the parking garage, across the street in the middle of the field!

The school is located on 40 ares of land, providing ample space for playgrounds, gardens and parking.

An Ecological Approach

We want to reduce our ecological footprint!

The rainwater run-off of the roof will be stored in 4 big 10.000-liter tanks and used for toilets and laundry.

Gas-condense heaters will optimize the use of energy. (Unfortunately solar panels are not allowed to be placed on a registered monument).

The building is constructed with solid wood, natural stone and bricks. The roof tussles are constructed beautifully with heavy oak. Natural renovation materials are used where possible, including cement and paints based on calcium.

Open for registration:

In September 2008, the school will start with children ages two to nine years old and will have the same ‘culture’ and educational and administrative procedures as the other ‘International Montessori’ locations!

Equally well trained teachers will staff the additional location. Having organized and hosting the AMI International Montessori Teacher Training in Brussels simplifies hiring additional staff!

Since the renovations are currently in full swing, visits and guided tours are not possible yet. However, a visit to International Montessori’s historic ‘Savoorke’ location will give a similar feel and show prospective families what the classrooms in ‘Hof Kleinenberg’ will look like.

Additionally you are welcome to visit our website and track the progress of the renovations. Visiting the ‘cyber farm’ only, allows the workmen to continue!

Legend has that Napoleon stayed there for the night! It also says that he signed his name in one of the beams, wouldn’t it be great to actually find that!

For more information please do not hesitate to:

-          Call 02-767-6360 and talk with Rinze or Lisa

-          Come to a slideshow/Information session on February 14, at International Montessori ‘Savoorke’, Bergestraat 24, 3080 Tervuren. 19.30 p.m.


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