Improve your Golf game - Tips by Richard Kelly, Golf Functional Specialist

29th January 2008, Comments 0 comments

Value Added Golf invites Golf Functional Specialist to help with your game

The relationship between correct golf technique and fitness is
closely related.

In assessing the swing patterns, it has been found that specific
physiological breakdowns can cause technical problems or inhibit
technical improvement. Continuing with the same swing patterns can
increase the risk of injury and long term physical damage.

To prevent us from that, we invited Richard Kelly, a Golf Functional
Specialist, to assist us on our next get together on February 13th at
Aspria Avenue Louise.

Richard Kelly closely works with the golf coach and the golfer to
ensure that both the technical and physical aspects work in synergy
to maximize the player’s performance.

He collaborates with several schools of golf around Belgium and works
closely with a Golf  Specific Physiotherapist from Australia, Ramsay McMaster
Ramseys clinic has now serviced over 4500 players of all ages and
from all over the world.

This is a great opportunity to get tips and tricks how to improve
your Golf game by following the basic instructions like how to do a
proper warm up, nutrition on the course etc.

We are looking forward to meeting you in ASPRIA Avenue Louise in the
Golf simulator with VE Golf. A realistic, high-resolution graphics
recreates 57 world famous golf courses whilst user-friendly software
assesses the distance, speed and trajectory of each shot.

For beginners and advanced golfers!

Registration required. Participation fee 10€.

Aspria, Avenue Louise
Place Wiltchers, Avenue Louise 71B, 1050 Brussels or 02-40 00 00 23 

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