Hypertension: The slow and silent killer

10th September 2009, Comments 0 comments

In Belgium, two million people suffer from hypertension. ‘Heart Week’ will take place from the 19 to the 26 September, a chance for the Belgian cardiology society to advertise the message: “Unmask the silent killer.”

The campaign takes the form of a criminal investigation, asking “Who killed Roger?" The aim is to encourage Belgian people to measure their stress and tension levels.
A study carried out by the cardiology society revealed that a third of Belgians below 50 have their blood pressure checked less than once a year, said the head of the society, Freddy Van de Casseye.
He went on to comment on the huge gap between how many people are known to suffer and the true number of sufferers. “Two million Belgians suffer from hypertension. Only one million are being treated.” Hypertension is “one of the most common causes of death in Europe”, said the doctor.
The campaign to promote regular blood pressure tests will be presented in the form of pamphlets distributed to the public during Heart Week, or available for download on the website, as well as being promoted through signs in surgeries and pharmacies.
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