"Hormone mafia is more active than ever"

3rd November 2009, Comments 0 comments

According to Flor Van Noppen, the brother of murdered veterinarian Karel Van Noppen, hormones are getting more difficult to detect.

Van Noppen is reacting to a report by the Federal Food Agency.

The 2008 annual report by the so-called 'hormone unit' of the Federal Food Agency says that the number of violations of hormone legislation has gone down. Flor Van Noppen, MEP for the Flemish conservative nationalist party N-VA, adds that "some nuances should be added".

"In Belgium tracing hormones is not a priority," says Flor Van Noppen. He also says that the growth hormones now being used are products that are very hard to trace because they are so sophisticated and resemble normal growth hormones. "Just enough is administered to the animals so they cannot be detected."

Karel Van Noppen was murdered in 1995, allegedly because he was a fervent advocate of more control of the so-called 'hormone mafia'.


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