German war criminal, 91, fined for robbery

1st October 2008, Comments 0 comments

Elder German convict charged for threatening behaviour, claims he was acting in a moment of protest.

1 October 2008

GERMANY -- An elderly convicted German war criminal was fined EUR 1,600 (USD 2,300) by a court Wednesday for a hold-up at a Belgian pharmacy.

The man, who had been paroled after 22 years in prison for murdering six Jews in Gorlice, Poland during World War II, said he pointed a toy gun at a shop-owner in Eupen, Belgium as a protest against his 1968 conviction.

The 91-year-old former member of the SS admitted the wartime murders but claimed his sentence was unfair because he had just been following orders.

Fining him for threatening behaviour, a court in Recklinghausen, Germany refused his request to re-open the war crimes case.

The accused pointed a toy gun at a pharmacist last year and demanded money, but then left the shop empty handed.

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