French art above Brussels’ square

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French lighting artist Yann Kersalé hopes to inspire unity among people from around the world with his display at Brussels’ central market square.

15 October 2008

BRUSSELS – The Brussels' central market square is once again in the limelight, literally.

This time, the square is lit up by a work of French lighting artist Yann Kersalé.

Kersalé's piece, which will stay till 19 November, consists of a number of luminous cables that criss-cross the square, above the heads of the pedestrians bellow.

The impressive art display has been given to the City of Brussels by the French government. France currently holds the presidency of the European Union.

The cables are symbolic of peoples from all over the world coming together on the main square of capital of Europe. The 1,500 bulbs have been placed at equidistance along the cables to give the impression of a dotted line.

“It’s to show that people are still not united."

"I hope that one day I'll no longer need to make dotted lines and that the lines will be continuous.” Kersalé told the VRT television.

The French artist has also displayed his art at the Sony Centre in Berlin and at Bangkok Airport.

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