Foundling discovered in Antwerp "turning box"

20th July 2009, Comments 0 comments

A second baby has been discovered in a turning box operated by the organisation Mothers for Mothers.

The turning box, in which foundlings can be placed without the identity of the parents being revealed, is located in the borough of Borgerhout.

No one saw the baby being placed in the contraption. The baby is a boy child aged no more than two days.

The child was immediately taken to a child care centre.

The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office will now attempt to track down the parents.

Monica De Coninck of Antwerp social services says that this is normal practice. This also happened when other foundlings were discovered, but on previous occasions in vain.

Local social services and Mothers for Mothers are adopting a wait and see approach. In time Foster parents will be sought.

The latest foundling is the second to be discovered in the turning box, a kind of hatch. In November of 2007 a boy named Thomas De Kleine (Little) was found in the contraption which was officially opened in 2000.


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