Exhibition of “pornographic” photos dropped in Antwerp

5th February 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Antwerp provincial authorities have shelved plans for an exhibition of a collection of photographs of women put together by the Flemish author Louis Paul Boon.

The exhibition was to take place in the Antwerp Photo Museum, but has been abandoned because some of the photos are pornographic.

Some have been labelled child pornography.

Louis Paul Boon's Feminatheek was a joke that got out of hand.

Before his death the Flemish author explained that he had spent 25 years collecting photos that illustrated all aspects of women.

Antwerp Photo Museum wanted to devote an exhibition to this collection.

Nobel motives, but the Antwerp provincial authorities had objections.

One official told the VRT the photo's he saw had nothing to do with art. “It's a collection of old-fashioned photos. Some of the images flirt with pornography”.

Some of the images smack of child pornography and the provincial authorities did not want these in their museum.


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