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Your luck has just run out if you’re living in Brussels – it didn't make the top ten European cities for quality of life, although it does come in as fourth for business in a newly-released survey.

Top 10 for Business

1. London
2. Paris
3. Frankfurt
4. Brussels
5. Amsterdam
6. Barcelona
7. Madrid
8. Berlin
9. Milan
10. Munich

AMSTERDAM — Barcelona is number one for quality of life and London for business, while Paris is both a good place to do business and an attractive place to live according to a survey of executives working in 501 European companies on issues they consider when deciding where to locate businesses.

London fell from seventh to 16th place in a quality of life ranking though, as a business centre, the city remains number one in Europe – due to its qualified employees, access to markets, transport links, telecommunications and language.

Cushman & Wakefield Healy & Baker, who carried out the survey, reported, "We're seeing a disenchantment among young executives with the price they have to pay for success in London," Martin Newman, a consultant for Cushman who conducted the study, said in an interview. "We work more hours than other European cities and buying a house is almost out of reach for young executives."

Top 10 for Quality of Life

1. Barcelona
2. Paris
3. Geneva
4. Madrid
5. Munich
6. Zurich
7. Oslo
8. Amsterdam
9. Rome
10. Stockholm

Newman also noted that crime in London is a concern as well as the city being one of Europe's dirtiest, compared with the cities of Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Frankfurt ranked 25th in quality of life because of lack of access to amenities, Newman said. "It doesn't have a varied base of social activities," he said. "Its image is rather dull."

Athens, which will host the next summer Olympics, got the lowest position of 30th place as a business city. Warsaw – ranked as 22nd -has the cheapest workforce and Paris's city transport system was voted the best in Europe

Lisbon, ranked as 15th, offered the best value for money spent on office space while Berlin ranked first in availability of workspace.

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