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Expatica readers are still fired up about the state of relations between Europe and the USA.

Re: The conscience vote

Dear Editor,

I read Mr. Christian de Fouloy's comments and his decision to change the name of his efforts to Republicans for Kerry and had to laugh out loud.

He's miffed at Ms. Wagner and so he's taking his marbles and going to another place to play. Ridiculous.

I believe he may have spent too much time in the famous Belgian Brown Bars to really understand the issues we face in this country.

Reading overseas newspapers and listening to their radio and t.v. can do that to you.

I understand that after 18 years overseas, 8 in Germany, 3 in Italy and reading Dutch, German and Italian newspapers on the web even now. Not to mention that my wife is still a Dutch citizen.

However, I listen to these arguments and remember that if your parameters are circumscribed by the European press, you will never understand America and Americans.

In the past we had Euro allies we could count on because we were there for them when it counted in two major world wars and the following Marshall Plan plus NATO.

We spent treasure, blood and untold sacrifice and asked little in return.

Now, with the complexion of Europe drastically changing, with each of the major NATO countries with millions of immigrants, including millions of Muslims in their environs, it won't be easy to stand up for what you know is right.

Thus, when such situations arise we must turn to other friends who understand and can stand the heat.

But despite all of that now is a great time for the Iraqi people.

Today their own government is in charge and can begin to build on the foundation we began.

That never would have happened with Hussein in power and everyone knows it. Yes, many Iraqi's are disillusioned that we have not been able to create paradise for them in 12 months.

But we have tried to do it, at our cost, under fire the entire time by the army that melted away and terrorist sympathizers from outside of the country.

Not a new situation but we have dealt with it.

If there were still a major threat to Europe we would be there for Europe and they know it and take it for granted. As one who served in Europe with the military for 12 of my 18 years overseas I chafe at that opinion.

I understand that young people, influenced by their leftist professors, don't know much and are easy to send into the streets, but where are those Europeans who know history and know that we have never occupied a country to our personal aggrandizement but rather, as in the case of Italy, Germany and Japan, to help them back on their feet and into the fellowship of nations.

That should speak for something.

You make Bush out to be an ogre, but he may well be the saviour of the Middle East if our efforts are successful as I pray they will be.

But at least we tried.

We didn't cower and wring our hands and say woe is me, we acted to remove a modern day Hitler before he could kill more of his own people, subvert other countries around him, and become the threat he wished to.

Check with the Israelis if you want to know who appreciates this fact the most.

They were on the top of his list.

Mr. de Fouloy, quit being such a babe in the woods and spend some time with the folks who did the sacrificing and the  dying and the paying and find out what is really going on.

Tazz Tassone


Re: Americans in 'Old' Europe

Dear Editor,

I am not so worried about reports of Americans being attacked in "Old Europe."

We Americans know from many years of experience that we can always count on Europeans to be our friends when they need us.

SK Cole


Re: Voters from the 51st us state

Dear Editor,

Excellent piece on voting overseas!

Thank you. Please keep on this story.

I'm Chair of Democrats Abroad in South-western France (which didn't exist 15 months ago) and we have a growing and enthusiastic group here....I also participate in AVA which is another dynamic group of expatriates.

As a former writer and producer for ABC, I appreciate the accuracy and balance in your reportage.


Meredith Wheeler


Re: Belgium's Jews demand "zero tolerance" after stabbing

Dear Editor,

Crimes against Jews their property and houses of worship increase in a direct ratio to the rise of the Muslim population.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

One nation under God not Allah.

Don't tread on me.

God bless the USA.

Henry M. Newman


Re: Belgium heatwave death toll peaks at 1,300

Dear Editor,

The huge numbers of deaths in Belgium and France due to last summer's heat wave were completely avoidable.

Unfortunately EU and national environmentalists have lobbied for tax after tax after tax on air conditioning units, making them almost completely unaffordable.

The USA had much higher temperatures, and always does, yet never sees this sort of death toll due to heat.

Kyoto truly does kill.
Jos Van Kessel-Lo


Re: Mental illness on the rise in Belgium

Dear Editor,

The INAMI is completely wrong to classify CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) as a mental illness and has been notified not to do so.

The Belgian Government is aware of this but prefers not to react.

The result is that these so called psychiatric patients have lesser rights on substitute incomes, no right on private insurance money and can easily be dismissed from work if they are considered uncooperative.

Over 25,000 Belgian citizens have signed a petition to change this dramatic situation, which will be handed over to the president of the Parliament in September.

Anyone wanting more information on CFS can contact me at the following address:

Marc van Impe
Chairman of the CFS Platform
Engerstraat 170
3071 Erps-Kwerps

Tel: 0475 743887

Marc van Impe


Re: Shopping in Belgium

Dear Editor,

This was a great article explaining the basics of shopping here - even for those of us who have lived here a few months. Thanks for the information.



Re: Austrian company to run Brussels' first casino

Dear Editor,

You are not alone in the following. I have noticed it many times before with other articles but I feel that you should be aware that it is Casinos Austria (with an 's') and not Casino Austria.

Chris Whiffen


July 2004

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