Effective use of air conditioning can save fuel

6th August 2008, Comments 0 comments

Keeping a difference of five degrees Celsius from the outdoor temperature as you turned on the air-conditioning in your car will help save fuel.

6 August 2008

BERLIN - Air conditioners in cars boost fuel consumption, but motorists can reduce this negative effect by using them more effectively, according to the German Energy Agency (dena).

For journeys lasting less than five minutes, it is better to leave the air conditioning switched off because energy consumption is highest during the start-up phase, the agency said.

Even during hot weather, it is not necessary to cool the car down a lot. A difference of five degrees Celsius between the indoor and outdoor temperature is sufficient, dena recommended.

Before starting the car, the windows should be opened to let in fresh air as this lowers the temperature in the car and the air conditioning has less work to do. In general, windows should remain closed when the air conditioning is switched on. This reduces air resistance and fuel consumption, the agency said.

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