Driver mows down students in Flanders

12th November 2009, Comments 0 comments

Two girls (aged 17 and 18) are dead after a motorist careered off the road and struck four students on a cycling path in Oosterzele (East Flanders).

A third girl is in intensive care in hospital. A boy sustained light injuries.

The four students were taking part in a student initiation trial. They had to cycle to the Wall of Geraardsbergen, a famous obstacle for cycling enthusiasts in East Flanders. They were wearing bright clothing and the lights on their bike were on.

It appears that the driver (aged 22) who caused the accident missed a bend, crashed into a ditch and then hit a wall. The vehicle was then catapulted onto the cycling path, striking the students.

The motorist was speeding and had alcohol in his blood stream.

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