‘Dogs have to wear seatbelts too’

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Unharnessed dogs in moving vehicles are danger to themselves and the driver.

23 July 2007

BRUSSELS – Dogs who can move freely in a moving vehicle present a risk to both the driver and to themselves, according to the Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety (BIVV).

“The animals do not actually have to wear a seatbelt”, says Werner De Dobbeleer of the BIVV, “ but harnesses can be found on the specialised market which can be fixed to the anchor points in the boot or to the click system of the seatbelt”.

Untethered animals in a car are a danger to the driver because they can cause distraction or hindrance while one is driving.

“In addition, in the case of a crash they turn into a projectile which can seriously injure passengers”, continues De Dobbeleer, “not to mention the injuries the animal itself can incur”.

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Many Belgian dog-owners prefer to install a framework between the boot and the seats. “This provides protection for the passengers, but not for the animal itself. The best option is, in any case, the harness”, says De Dobbeleer.

The law does not mention the safety of dogs in cars, but does stress that a load must always be secured in a safe way. This also applies to animals.

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