Do you go to the dentist every year?

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1.8 percent of all Belgians never brush their teeth.

BRUSSELS - 1.8 percent of all Belgians never brush their teeth. This emerges from a survey of oral hygiene among 500 Belgians. The survey also shows that 2.4 percent of those interviewed brush their teeth in the car and the average duration is 47 seconds. The survey was carried out on behalf of Oral-B, a brand of oral and dental-care products.

In the greater part of Flanders, over half the population go to the dentist once a year. This emerges from details obtained from the database of the Christian health insurance company CM.

The Flemish figures are not optimal, but are still much better than those for Brussels and certainly better than the figures for Wallonia. Wallonia has a very low score with the exception of certain sub-regions close to the ‘language border’ in the east.

This is seen by some as an explanation for the higher incidence of cardio-vascular illnesses in Wallonia. A recent report showed that these illnesses occurred in Charleroi twice as often as in Ghent.

7 September 2007

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