Controversial advert uses the word ‘Flamand’ as an insult

13th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

The publicity campaign for the online operator Mobile Vikings uses the word for Flemish people, ‘les Flamands’ alongside adjectives such as ‘cretin’, ‘pig’, 'slut’ and ‘moron’.

The jury for ethical advertising has called for the company to withdraw its ten advertisements. 

On Mobile Vikings posters and beer mats, slogans such as “Free, it's for the morons” or “Free, it's for the Flemish” can be found. In the north of the country, the word ‘Flamands’ is replaced by ‘Hollandais’. 

“The advert is controversial, but Mobile Vikings is unlike other mobile operators”, explained Koen Delvaux, head of the company. “Our image is a little bit more daring and our adverts reflect this.” 

The company have since agreed to remove the more offensive slogans. “We respect the decision of the jury, but it is a shame that a single complaint has the power to block a whole advertising campaign such as ours. We have only received one complaint from a person in the Wallon region who felt discriminated against," Delvaux added.

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