City life is the max

21st January 2008, Comments 0 comments

More and more Belgians want to live in the city centre

Today more and more Belgians want to live in the city centre. The once popular suburbs are losing their attraction.

Increased traffic congestion is one of the reasons.

Suburbs closest to the city centre are becoming less and less popular.

Belgians either want to live in the middle of the city or completely outside of town in a rural environment.

Living in the city centre has become increasingly expensive.

More and more family homes are outside the reach of ordinary people.

In Brussels a house easily costs 400,000 euros - a trebling in comparison with ten years ago.

There's been a similar development in towns like Leuven (Flemish Brabant), Bruges (West Flanders) and Ghent (East Flanders).

In many towns flat prices have doubled too, but there is some good news.

In places like Turnhout (Antwerp), Brugge and Hasselt (Limburg) there are so many flats on the market that prices are starting to fall.


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