"Chief Commissioner had sex with man in car park"

3rd December 2011, Comments 1 comment

The police watchdog Committee P is investigating allegations that a chief commissioner of Antwerp police was involved in an incident of public indecency. Recently colleagues noticed that the police officer was having sex with another man on a car park in the vicinity of his police station.

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  • yaya posted:

    on 3rd December 2011, 23:45:50 - Reply

    I think all this is hapening bcoz of no social life while someone serving the police. They have to work day and night keeping our society safe. so such incidents may accure due to lack of time but the authority should forgive him for such act which doesnot mean to harm anyone though its uncultured so officer should be warn and give him some time to relax and starts his job again. Dont forget that our police officers are the finest citizens of our country who serve our nation to keep us safe from all kinds of crime.