Buy a house - get a car free

2nd March 2009, Comments 1 comment

Belgian developer offers a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive with every house bought.

A project developer in Lommel (Limburg) is offering purchasers of his houses a free car on top. With this promotional stunt the developer is hoping to sell 36 houses.

The project/housing developer Immo International has houses in 2 big project developments to sell.

Whoever buys a house now will get a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive car as a free gift. The car has a catalogue price of €22,290.

"The automobile sector is in crisis, so is the construction sector," says Koen Buyens, manager of Immo International. "This promotional stunt can help both sectors at once," he adds.

Potential buyers have three months to take advantage of the campaign.

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  • s. helder posted:

    on 4th March 2009, 19:44:49 - Reply

    Must be pretty crummy houses, who wants a seat ibiza!!!