Brussels police target "illegals" and drunk drivers

10th November 2008, Comments 0 comments

On Saturday night police in Brussels staged a major operation.

10 November 2008

On Saturday night police in Brussels staged a major operation targeting "illegals" in the Belgian capital. Law enforcers carried out identity checks in cafés and restaurants.

They encountered scores of "illegals".

Later in the night the operation switched to the roads where motorists were checked for alcohol abuse.

Christian De Coninck of the Brussels police told VRT that the police operation was aimed at people without the correct paperwork, people who were wanted by the police and members of the public in possession of drugs and illegal arms.

In all some one hundred people were led away for questioning. The police discovered 59 people living here illegally.

Thirty-six were ordered to leave the country forthwith. Thirteen have been taken to closed holding centres or are now at the airport awaiting their removal from the country.

Thirty-seven people were found in possession of banned substances.

Officers of the social inspection department also took part in the operation. In five bars or restaurants infringements of the law were discovered and a police report was drawn up.

In all 301 drivers had to undergo an alcohol test and were breathalysed. Ten percent were over the legal drink drive limit.

Ten motorists had their licence withdrawn for a fortnight. Other drivers who were over the limit had their licence revoked for three or six hours.


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