Brussels is Europe's number one for traffic jams

21st April 2010, Comments 1 comment

According to a survey conducted by TomTom, a manufacturer of portable car navigation systems, Brussels has the longest tailbacks of all major European cities.

It appears that Brussels easily beats London when it comes to congestion.

Commuters working in Brussels and taking the car to and from work, have to take into account that their trip might turn into a journey, especially during rush hour.

A trip that should normally take one hour, on average takes 20 minutes extra. The main Brussels orbital road (R0) has tailbacks long before and after the normal rush hour, especially around Groot-Bijgaarden just west of Brussels and along the northern belt, including Vilvoorde, Zaventem and Sint-Stevens-Woluwe.
Europe's traffic jam top 10 cities

   1. Brussels
   2. Warsaw
   3. Wroclaw
   4. London
   5. Edinburgh
   6. Dublin
   7. Belfast
   8. Marseille
   9. Paris
  10. Luxembourg


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  • polish guy posted:

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    2 polish cities on place 2 and 3.