Brussels: Capital of Belgian car crime

9th October 2009, Comments 1 comment

In Belgium, one in five cars is stolen in Brussels. Ford, VW and Porsche appear to be the most coveted makes for criminals.

“Car theft in Belgium is getting less and less but those that are being taken are older,” said Eddy De Raedt, director of Criminal services. 16,700 car thefts were counted in Belgium in 2008, in comparison to 17,500 in 2007 and 18,000 in 2006. 

Last year 57% of stolen cars were more than seven-years-old, confirmed Mr. De Raedt. It seems that thieves choose older cars because they are easier to steal. 

In terms of make, Ford cars are the most coveted. In 2008, 18% of stolen cars were made by Ford. The next most stolen cars included Volkswagen (16%), Opel (8%), Peugeot, Mercedes and Renault (all at 6%). 

The majority of vehicles are stolen by groups intending to transport the cars abroad, especially towards Eastern Europe and North Africa.

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  • Peter posted:

    on 9th October 2009, 18:43:49 - Reply

    If the majority of vehicles stolen are for 'export', can't a check be made on chassis numbers etc when cars are exported from Belgium? Or is that too simple????