Belgium’s Red Cross has enough blood for summer

10th July 2008, Comments 0 comments

Public relation efforts of the Red Cross organisation pay off as supply in blood bank hits a satisfactory level for the first time in years.

10 July 2008

BELGIUM - The blood supply for the vacation months at Belgium’s Red Cross is sufficient for the first time in years.

Before this year, the Red Cross organisation has to launch appeals to make sure there is sufficient blood in the blood bank.

Blood donors are starting to give blood on a more regular basis and this is partly due to better organisation and public relations efforts of the Red Cross.

Regular donors are contacted a week before a blood drive. They are also reminded on the day of the drive by a sms message sent to their mobile phone.

"We notice that our donors react positively to our drives, especially if we invite them to come by sms," says Karine Genoe of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is pleased with the situation but the organisation stresses that donors should continue giving blood regularly.

Blood can only be stored 42 days, so the situation can change at any moment.

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