Belgium to ban the burqa next week

14th July 2011, Comments 7 comments

Belgium will enforce a burqa ban from July 23 with a fine and possible jail time for women who wear it, joining France as the second EU nation to forbid full veils, Belgian media said Thursday.

The new law was published Wednesday in the kingdom's official journal after deputies approved it unanimously in parliament in April.

Offenders will face a fine of 137.50 euros ($195) and up to seven days behind bars. An estimated 270 people wear the face-covering niqab or the full-body burqa in Belgium.

France -- home to Europe's biggest Muslim population -- became the first European Union country to ban the burqa on April 11.

In France, a woman who repeatedly insists on appearing veiled in public can be fined 150 euros and ordered to attend re-education classes.

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  • gavilan posted:

    on 23rd July 2011, 17:14:17 - Reply

    Marioneta,...Come to America..You can tattoo your whole body and walk around half can even be a cop and kick men can even do like Sher Bono"s kid and become a man...America is where it's at.
  • Marionita posted:

    on 20th July 2011, 11:21:38 - Reply

    Surely tolerance is the watchword here. However, it is hard to believe that anyone, man or women, would choose to cover themselves like this. If this law can encourage women to stand up for themselves and gain independence while still maintaining their right to dress as they like, then it will have achieved something. How about the men who enforce this on women being required to wear the burqa..... I doubt they could cope with it.
  • M Smith posted:

    on 19th July 2011, 02:08:10 - Reply

    Maybe the government should stop importing FORIGN HOSTILES into the country in the first place???
  • ron posted:

    on 18th July 2011, 15:36:28 - Reply

    Not good enough. What has to be banned is MUSLIMS ! Get the Alien Scum out of our Western Nations.
    It is the ONLY solution !

  • omer posted:

    on 14th July 2011, 23:05:02 - Reply

    Yes, true and finally ban all that women want to wear: jeans , shorts, mini skirts, howz that?
  • gigi posted:

    on 14th July 2011, 14:29:28 - Reply

    I hope every country follows suite
  • cunucu posted:

    on 14th July 2011, 12:18:54 - Reply

    It's about time!