Belgium releases final list of Olympic participants

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Belgium is sending 94 athletes to take part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

23 July 2008

BELGIUM - The Belgian Olympic Committee has released the final list with all the athletes that will take part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in August.

Belgium sends off 94 athletes, six of whom have never taken part in the Olympic Games before.

On Tuesday, the Belgian Olympic Committee (BOIC) decided to add a few more names to the list.

The names include 3,000m runner Pieter Desmet, pole-vaulter Kevin Rans, 5,000m runner Monder Rizki, triathlete Peter Croes and volley ball players Liesbeth Mouha and Liesbet Van Breedam.

The Belgian women’s relay team on the 4x100m will consist of Olivia Borlée, Elisabeth Davin, Kim Gevaert, Hanna Mariën, Elodie Ouedraogo and Frauke Penen.

The men’s team on the 4x400m consists of Kristof Beyens, Jonathan Borlée, Kevin Borlée, Nils Duerinck, Arnaud Ghislain und Cédric Van Branteghem.

Final names on the Belgian Olympic list:
• Peter Croes (triathlon)
• Pieter Deslet (3,000m hurdle)
• Kevin Rans (pole vaulting)
• Monder Rizki (5,000m)
• Liesbeth Mouha and Liesbet Van Breedam (beach volleyball)

Women's relay, 4x100m:
• Olivia Borlée
• Elisabeth Davin
• Kim Gevaert
• Hanna Mariën
• Elodie Ouedraogo
• Frauke Penen

Men's relay, 4x400m:
• Kristof Beyens
• Jonathan Borlée
• Kevin Borlée
• Nils Duerinck
• Arnaud Ghislain
• Cédric Van Branteghem

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