Belgians are ready to accept salary decrease

4th September 2009, Comments 0 comments

Four in ten employees are ready to accept a decrease in salary in exchange for other benefits, according to a study carried out on 1,665 workers by Executive Research and Kern Selection.

The study revealed that 44% of the participants would accept a salary decrease in exchange for benefits such as extra holiday, working closer to home or a more interesting position.
57% of people who took the survey said that they would prefer to work within 50km of their home, and more than seven in ten employees declared that they would not want to spend more than an hour commuting to their workplace. 

35% of people who participated in the study were actively seeking another job. 28% were ready to change their job within this year and 25% would look for another job next year, according to the study. More than seven in ten of the employees questioned admitted to having applied for a vacant post in their current position.

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies, media, energy and communication were the main fields that the participants would have wanted to work in. One in five people also wanted to work in administration.

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