Belgian with 13-year-old girlfriend jailed in Canada

25th July 2008, Comments 1 comment

A 32-year-old man who flew to Canada to meet his girlfriend has been given 20 months in jail for abducting and touching a minor.

25 July 2008

BELGIUM - A Belgian man has been sentenced in Canada to 20 months in jail for the abduction and touching of a minor.

The 32-year-old from Liège, Vincent Raphael Duval, and the girl,13, met via the Internet. They regularly chatted and sent each other hundreds of emails in which they did not lie about their identity.

In June, the Belgian travelled to Montreal to meet the girl and he took her to his hotel. The girl's parents alerted the police when they discovered her chat files on her computer.

Duval and the girl were caught in a Montreal hotel room.

The two met on the internet and exchanged hundreds of e-mails. The Canadian teenager knew her friend was a lot older but kept quiet about her real age. Instead, she told the Belgian she was 26 and agreed to meet him.

Gradually, Duval realised the girl was underage but that fail to put him off his intention to start a new life with her in a Canadian Amish community.

The defendant pleaded guilty on 6 of the charges against him.

The Canadian Crown prosecutor had asked for a 5-year sentence but the court accepted mitigating circumstances. According to the judge, the girl has misled the man by lying about her true age and the man himself had never used the sexual allusions paedophiles usually make when searching the net for young victims.

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