Belgian roads relatively safe

3rd December 2009, Comments 5 comments

According to a study published by the motoring association Touring, Belgium’s roads are among the safest in Europe.

Belgium comes third only to the Netherlands and Switzerland when it comes to road safety.

The study looked at the number of accidents on a total of 140,000 kilometres of Belgian roads.

There was striking evidence that the number of road traffic accidents in Belgium has fallen dramatically in recent years.

A Touring spokesman told journalists:“Recent policies to promote road safety are showing dividends.”

The regional governments have invested heavily in making accident black spots safer.

On average, the chances of being involved in a serious accident are forty times greater on a so-called “dangerous road” than on the country’s safest roads.

A total of two million people have died on Europe’s roads during the past ten years.

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  • upert posted:

    on 9th December 2009, 17:04:23 - Reply

    I can't reconcile any of this stuff with reality. Belgian roads safe? If they were not lit up at night to show all the too narrow, too dangerous and poorly planned road junctions, the accident toll would be far higher. The road surfaces are generally appalling - just drive across to France, Holland or Luxembourg on the m-way then drive back - you'll see the difference. Belgian driving (and admittedly it's probable that many of the drivers are not actually Belgian!) is I think the most dangerous and aggressive in northern Europe, so much so that I've known people give up driving because they don't want to face this daily form of terror. I was trained in defensive driving, but am totally unable to practice it here, where the law is carve up or be carved up. It's funny to hear talk of eco-driving, because there is no possibility of driving gently or economically at all. And as for Touring, maybe the roads are getting safer, so much so that they were all able to go on strike on Monday and block up the roads of Brussels!
  • Larry posted:

    on 9th December 2009, 13:32:30 - Reply

    This is disgracefully poor journalism on the part of Flandersnews. Worse than just repeating parrot-fashion, the article is just plain wrong. 140000 km of Belgian roads?? That was for all of 15 European countries! Only 4000 km of Belgian roads were studied. And it's not Belgium that comes third, it's Flanders, according to a more carefully written article in De Standaard. Obviously road safety in Wallonia is far worse due to the terrain and poor maintenance.
  • I hate rain posted:

    on 4th December 2009, 00:24:10 - Reply

    Yeah, Belgian roads are safe. Belgian drivers are not.
  • A. Cameron posted:

    on 3rd December 2009, 11:10:10 - Reply

    The excellent road system and its night lighting are a big plus for Belgium. I can't imagine how the Netherlands got in there. Dutch roads are overcrowded, riddled with spiteful revenue-making speed cameras and, of course, full of Dutch truck drivers who are, in my view, ever bit as careless and aggressive as those from Eastern Europe.
  • Mick posted:

    on 3rd December 2009, 09:47:44 - Reply

    This is utter rubbish. What "policies to promote road safety"? A Touring spokesman told "Journalists", eh? Is there anything you wouldn't repeat parrot-fashion?