Belgian nuclear 'price tag' to be published

17th April 2009, Comments 0 comments

Council of State dismisses NIRAS' objections to disclosure of their decommissioning plans.

Belgium's nuclear industry will have to disclose important confidential information about the decommissioning of the country's nuclear power plants.

For some time now the opposition Flemish green party Groen! has been pressing for greater openness with regard to the decommissioning of our power stations.

NIRAS, Belgium's nuclear agency, took the matter to the Council of State in an attempt to keep much of the information confidential.

It claimed that commercial interests are at stake and that the safety of our power plants could be endangered.

The Council of State threw out NIRAS's objections.

Tinne Van der Straeten of Groen!: "At last we will see the price tag of our nuclear industry. We will also discover whether sufficient financial provisions have been made for the decommissioning of nuclear energy in Belgium."

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