Belgian news in brief, 9 August 2006

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'Polluted' Antwerp beach re-opened

'Polluted' Antwerp beach re-opened

The Sint-Anna Beach in Antwerp was reopened on Wednesday. The beach was closed on Monday after millions of plastic balls washed ashore, raising fears of a cadmium pollution. But tests have confirmed there is no threat to the environment or public health.
The balls were grains of polyethylene used to make plastic objects such as bottles, chips and prosthetic limbs. The clean-up operation is expected to continue until Thursday.

Feuding neighbour charged with murder

A 71-year-old man who shot and killed his neighbour in Desteldonk was remanded in custody on a charge of murder on Tuesday. The man confessed he had thought about killing the victim for years. He also knew the man's habits and waited until the right moment. The shooting was the result of a drawn-out feud over a veranda.

Belgians drinking less beer - again

Beer consumption fell by 1.5 percent in the first half of this year, continuing a 25-year trend of declining sales in Belgium. Brewers Inbev and Alken-Maes will launch a campaign in autumn to improve the image of beer. The poor weather at the start of the year and industrial relations problems at Inbev are blamed for this year's fall in sales.

Father dumps son at airport

A Thomas Cook official found an abandoned 10-year-old boy at the Zaventem Airport departures hall on Saturday. The boy had been left behind by his father and girlfriend as they departed for a holiday in Egypt. At the time of check-in, it was found that the boy did not have a valid photo ID and was refused permission to board. The father then abandoned him and boarded the flight, requesting that his parents pick the boy up. But when the Thomas Cook official found the boy all alone, the grandparents were contacted again and picked him up several hours later.

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