Belgian news in brief, 8 September 2006

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East Flanders a disaster zone

East Flanders a disaster zone

The federal government has recognised that the flooding in East Flanders at the end of August was a natural disaster, the Interior Ministry said on Friday. Anyone who incurred damage to property can now submit a claim for compensation with the provincial government. Once the claims have been assessed, the federal disaster fund can pay damages. The federal Cabinet said 38 municipalities in East Flanders were officially a disaster zone. Claims must be processed by the end of 2007.

500,000 with kidney damage

Belgian kidney specialists have estimated that 1 in 200 Belgians, or 500,000 people in total, have the beginnings of kidney damage without their knowing it. Damage to the kidneys can be brought on by diabetes, high blood pressure or a urinary tract problem. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Kidney Foundation offers all adults a free checkup, but no such test is offered in Belgium. However, a national 'Kidney Day' will be staged in near future.

Man loses hands in wedding party

A 25-year-old man lost both his hands and an eye on Wednesday night during a traditional "shooting" prior to a wedding. The shooting involves exploding gunpowder with a canon or a hammer. The celebration is used to announce the wedding for the district. But the celebration in Heremeersstraat in Wingene on Wedneday night went amiss when one of the organisers was seriously wounded. He is still being treated in hospital. The Brugge public prosecution office has ruled the incident was an accident.

Sect blamed for grain circles

The sect known as Rael was probably behind the grain circles found during the summer in a field not far from the battle of Waterloo, local police said on Friday. The sect planned to give a press conference on 22 September in Waterloo, but that has since been cancelled, newspaper 'La Dernière Heure' reported. "We have to check whether another press conference will take place in Kessel-Lo, where grain circles were also found, not long after those appeared in Waterloo," police commissioner Jean-Michel Duchenne.

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