Belgian news in brief, 8 September 2005

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Most candidate police officers fail

Most candidate police officers fail

Almost 12,000 tried to become a police officer last year, but just 7.5 percent passed the necessary entry exams. In 2003, some 16.7 percent of candidates successfully became police officers. The most candidate officers — who need to have a higher secondary school diploma — fail the personality test, newspaper 'De Standaard' reported. In that test — one of the four exams required before candidates can enter the one-year police training school — tests candidates on their reaction to stress, team spirit and flexibility. Just 39.3 percent of candidates pass this test. To preserve police quality, the force does not want to lower demands.
Flemish suicide line helping more people

The Flemish suicide telephone line is receiving more calls for help, registering a 72.5 percent rise in the past four years. The organisation has requested the Flemish government for more funding. Director Grieke Forceville said the increase was due to the greater awareness of the suicide telephone line, but also due to the higher number of active volunteers who can monitor a second line from time to time. After Finland, Belgium ahs the highest suicide rate in Western Europe. In 2003, there were 1,074 suicides in Flanders. There are about 45 suicide attempts every day. Women are the biggest risk group.

Priest held in Rwanda on genocide charges

Belgian priest Guy Theunis has been arrested in the Congo by Rwandan authorities on charges of crimes against humanity. He was arrested at the Kigali Airport while travelling through Rwanda while en route from the Congo to Belgium. The charges are linked to genocide in Rwanda in 1994. However, Belgian professor and Central Africa expert Filip Reyntjens said Theunis is a longstanding critic of the Rwandan regime. A lawyer has been provided by the Belgian embassy. The Foreign Ministry has requested more information from the Rwandan ambassador.

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