Belgian news in brief, 6 September 2006

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Cheap electricity on the weekend

Cheap electricity on the weekend

From 1 January next year, the cheaper night tariff for electricity will also apply for the entire weekend. Federal Energy Minister Marc Verwilghen has now reached agreement with the three regional governments over the initiative. But only households with double electricity metres with night and day tariffs can profit from the scheme. A large number of people only use their washing machines, dishwashers and airing cupboards at night. Verwilghen said families can save EUR 50 per year with the new scheme.

Bird flu measures next week

Preventative measures to ward off an outbreak of the bird flu virus will come into force on Monday. From 11 September, poultry in risk areas throughout Belgium must be shielded off from wild birds either by netting or keeping them in sheds. Poultry in other areas will have to be watered and fed indoors. A ban on the sale of birds at markets and shows will also be re-imposed for the start of the autumn migratory period of wild birds. The anti-bird flu measures will stay in force until at least October.

Pornography no taboo for youth

Pornography is no longer off limits for Wallonian youth, a study by the Union Nationale des Mutualités Socialistes (UNMS) has revealed. More than half of the youths aged 15-24 surveyed in the study admitted they had looked at pornography in the past six months. And some 81 percent had seen pornography before their 11th birthday. "Via new technology such as the internet, youth have increasingly easier access to pornography," UNMS official Frédérique Herbigniaux said, adding that the phenomenon is part of the current atmosphere of erotification and hypersexuality within society.

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