Belgian news in brief, 6 June 2006

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Jeweller acquitted over shooting

Jeweller acquitted over shooting

Kortrijk Court acquitted on Tuesday a 43-year-old jeweler, Manuel Scheldeman, who shot and killed a robber and severely injured another. The shooting took place three years ago when the jeweller was targeted by a gang of four robbers. The judge accepted arguments from the defence lawyer and a legal expert, both of whom said Scheldeman acted out of instinct. "He was in extreme fear and could no longer control his actions," the expert said. The jeweller was found guilty of the shooting, but was not jailed.

Boy dies after playing in cold storage

Two children slipped into a coma after becoming trapped in a cold-storage in Sint-Laureins in East Flanders on Monday. The youngest of the two children slipped into a deep coma and has since been pronounced dead. The brothers, aged seven and nine, were playing at their parents' fruit company when they entered the cold storage via a side window. The temperature inside was 1 degree Celsius. When the children were found an hour later, both of them were in a coma. The eldest boy is now recovering.

Taxpayers get EUR 300 more

Every taxpayer in Belgium will be paid back by the treasury an average of EUR 300 more this year compared with 2005. The higher figure is because the tax reforms of 2000 are now fully worked into the system. In total, the state will refund taxpayers an extra EUR 1.6 billion this year, lawyer Werner Niemegeers said.
'Millionaire' fined for illegal helicopter parking

A 36-year-old building contractor has been fined for arriving at the Millionaire Fair at the Kortrijk Xpo on Saturday. The man landed his helicopter without permission between the parking terrain of the expo complex and a public road. He then bought a ticket and stayed for three hours at the fair. When he returned to his helicopter, police were waiting with a fine. Expensive products such as cars, clothing and exotic islands were on display at the Millionaire Fair.

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