Belgian news in brief, 6 February 2006

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Record amount of crime money seized

Record amount of crime money seized

Belgian judicial authorities have seized a record amount of crime money over the past few years. The Belgian central office for seizure and confiscation now has EUR 60 million. When it was founded in 2003, the office had had just EUR 5.5 million. Some 3,600 cars and more than 350 properties have also been seized in recent years. Police are now starting to understand that they not only need to arrest the criminal but obtain their illegal money as well.

Nurse on trial for mercy killing

The trial of a nurse who accelerated the death of her aunt in Antwerp University Hospital five years ago started in Antwerp Court on Monday. Els Op De Weerdt has pleaded not guilty, claiming she performed euthanasia to end the woman's unbearable pain. Euthanasia was still illegal in Belgium when the woman died. Defence lawyers claim the woman died before the effects of the defendant's morphine injection took effect and are demanding an acquittal. But the prosecution claims the nurse acted illegally even under the nation's current euthanasia laws.

Naked - except for Belgian chocolate

US nude photographer Spencer Tunick took photos at the Concertgebouw in Brugge on Sunday morning of 70 naked men decorated with white chocolate. The oldest model was 63, the youngest was 18. It was the artist's second project in Brugge. In May 2005, Tunick photographed 2,000 naked men and women in the Belgian coastal city. On that occasion, 60 naked women were also photographed. They had been decorated with fondant chocolate.

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