Belgian news in brief, 6 December 2005

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More cocaine, but less ecstasy seized

More cocaine, but less ecstasy seized

Some 200kg of cocaine has been seized at Zaventem Airport this year, almost the same amount of the total amount of drugs seized last year. In 2004, some 234kg of drugs were seized at Zaventem, including 123kg of cocaine. The amount of ecstasy seized continues its decline witnessed in recent years. Meanwhile, drug smugglers are less frequently flying directly from Latin America, but making stopovers in Africa also.

Jail term threat for violent video games

Belgian Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx is drawing up legislation to combat the makers of violent video games, raising the prospect of jail terms. The proposal comes amid concerns over the game 'Bully' in which players must kick, hit and bully classmates. The Belgian judiciary can only take action at present if it is proven that a game led to a violent crime. However, this is difficult to prove and a general ban will make it easier to crackdown on violent games.

Sharp rise in premature births

The number of babies born prematurely in Flanders has risen by 24 percent in the past 10 years. This is primarily because more and more woman are having babies after the age of 35, at which point the chance of having a premature baby increases. Lower-educated people also undergo fewer tests, while smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily increase the risks of premature births.

Sinterklaas sales rise by 3pc

The turnover of Sinterklaas sales increased by 3 percent this year compared with 2004, the federation of retailers said on Tuesday. However, the federation said this year's sales were good, but not extraordinary.

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