Belgian news in brief, 28 April 2006

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Belgian police travel to Poland

Belgian police travel to Poland

Two Belgian federal police officers were to depart on Friday for Poland, where the suspected killer of Joe Van Holsbeeck is being detained. Meanwhile,  Polish lawyers have raised doubts about the extradition of the suspect to Belgium. One lawyer indicated that Polish law might prevent the extradition of one its citizens, who are meant to be protected by the Constitution. The Brussels public prosecution office also said on Friday the main suspect had previously been convicted in absentia by a Belgian juvenile court. The prosecution did not reveal, however, what the youth was convicted of.

No armed guards at nuclear sites

Belgium has refused US advice to place armed guards at Belgian nuclear sites. Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell urged Belgium in 2004 to place armed guards at nuclear facilities. But the federal government rejected the advice in January this year after consulting with all involved authorities.

Alarming rise in Caesarian births

The number of Caesarian births in Belgium has risen alarmingly in recent years. In 1998, some 11.5 percent of Belgian woman gave birth via a Caesarian, compared with 18.45 percent in 2004, public health insurance data bank IMA said. The study also showed the older the woman is; the greater the risk she will have a Caesarian. Women from disadvantaged areas are also at a slightly higher risk. Regional differences are also noted, while the experience of a gynaecologist can also play a role.

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