Belgian news in brief, 26 May 2006

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Hunger strikers continue action

Hunger strikers continue action

The hunger strikers in the asylum seeker centre Klein Kasteeltje in Brussels have decided to continue their protest. Some 76 asylum seekers have not eaten for a month. It is possible that they will be transferred to hospital and forcibly made to eat. The refugee centre's medical service had said on Wednesday that the medical and hygienic condition of the hunger strikers is no longer tolerable.

EUR 54m in criminal money to return

An estimated EUR 54 million euros of criminal money in foreign bank accounts will be released soon. The federal government has passed legislation allowing the money to be transferred to the Belgian treasury. Foreign governments were only prepared to release the cash if Belgium agreed to do the same. The federal government has since introduced legislation allowing foreign criminal money in Belgian bank accounts to be sent abroad, opening up the possibility of criminal money returning here.

Belgium moderately tough on smoking

Belgium stands middle rung when it comes to measures taken to discourage smoking. Ireland has taken the toughest measures, while Luxembourg is at the bottom, according to the Association of European Cancer Leagues table.

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