Belgian news in brief, 24 August 2006

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Ambassador hits out at Flemish Interest

Ambassador  hits out at Flemish Interest

The Belgian ambassador to the Netherlands, Luc Teirlinck, has said he would not want to be an ambassador of Belgium if the extreme-right Flemish Interest ever enters government. Teirlinck also said he was a Liberal, but has had no problems with ministers from other parties. Flemish Interest leader Filip Dewinter said he was "shocked" by the statement and has requested an official statement from Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht. Dewinter said diplomats must remain neutral.

Belgacom 'tracked' activist's internet use

The internet traffic of a Belgacom customer was reportedly tracked on the night of 16 August at the request of the public prosecution office. It is the first time Belgacom has performed such an analysis, newspaper 'Le Soir' reported. Belgacom, the prosecution and the federal police force has refused to confirm the claim. But the newspaper said the return to Belgium last week of an Islamic activist, who is very active on the internet, might be a key factor in the affair. The activist could be the widow of one of the killers of commander Masood, Malika el-Aroud.

Dendermonde jail strike continues

Dendermonde jail guards will continue their strike action until at least 6am on Friday, unions said on Thursday. A spokesman for union ACOD said unions were to discuss the situation with members on Thursday afternoon. But even if there is a positive response to the demand for extra guards at the Dendermonde prison, guards will remain on strike until Friday morning. Staff are concerned about safety following the mass jail break last weekend.

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