Belgian news in brief, 2 August 2005

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Inquiry into 'illegal dumping grounds'

Inquiry into 'illegal dumping grounds'

An investigation has been launched into alleged illegal dumping grounds of the East Flanders Roads and Traffic Administration. The rubbish dumps contain banned construction waste from road works and in many cases have existed for more than 20 years. At some places, the dumps are alleged to contain carcinogenic waste. The Better Environment Society has urged for investigations to be carried out into dumping grounds across the entire Flanders region.

Brussels acid spill delays traffic

Massive traffic jams were expected on the Brussels ring road and E411 on Tuesday night as work continued to remove a truck that rolled over at the Leonardkruispunt. Specialised teams were dispatched to clear acrylic acid spilled after the accident. The truck was carrying 16,000lr of acid but only a few of the 200lr drums were damaged. Nevertheless, the clean-up was expected to extend past the evening peak-hour.

EUR 100,000 in aid for Niger

Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht has allocated EUR 100,000 to assist a UNICEF transport of 8,000 ton of food to Niamey, the capital of Niger. Some 3.3 million, including 800,000 children, are faced with starvation in the West African nation.

Bomb scare at Brussels train station

A bomb scare forced the closure of the Brussels North train stationon Tuesday. The alarm was raised when a suspicious suitcase was found on an escalator. The army's bomb disposal squad was called in, but the suitcase only contained clothing. Freight rail between the Lemonnier and Noord stations was temporarily shut down by the bomb scare.

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