Belgian news in brief, 13 July 2006

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De Gucht condemns Mumbai bombings

De Gucht condemns Mumbai bombings

Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht condemned on Wednesday the brutal bomb attacks in Mumbai, India. "No political or other motive can justify such a bloodbath against innocent civilians," he said. "This form of blind violence, wherever it takes places across the world, must be tackled by a co-ordinated fight against terrorism. It threatens the internal safety of various countries and even international peace." De Gucht congratulated the New Delhi government for urging the population to stay calm and not resort to sectarian violence. "My sincere feelings of sympathy go to the families of the victims and the government of India."

No tax deduction for tsunami donations

Callers who donated money during the benefit broadcast of Tsunami 1212 have no right to a donation receipt. For every telephone call, Belgacom billed clients EUR 10. Those who called three times donated EUR 30. Normally, donations above EUR 30 are tax deductible, but because the callers did not pay in one go, they don’t have a right to a tax deduction, Flemish Overseas Development Minister Geert Bourgeois said. Those who made a donation directly can use it as a tax deduction.

Free car check-up in October

From 2-31 October, motorists can have their cars undergo a check-up for free at a local garage. The initiative is part of the campaign 'Think of your health'. The campaign is being conducted by the Belgian Confederation of Car Dealer's and Repairers, other sector groups and the Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety. Motorists rarely have their tyres, brakes, shock absorbers, windscreen wipers or lights replaced on their own volition and the campaign is aimed at convincing motorists about the safety benefits in having a vehicle in tip-top condition.

'No benefit' from green waste collection

The separate collection of green waste (food and garden waste) does not yield an environmental benefit and should be abandoned, the Better Environment Association (BBL) said after conducting a study. It said municipalities would save EUR 3 million if they abandoned the separate collection of green waste. BBL said that money could be better spent elsewhere where a much large environmental effect would be gained. It said home composting should be stimulated instead. Green waste is the largest amount (34.5 percent) of total waste.

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